Hopping Towards Healing: The Rabbit as a Guide on the Path of Self-Compassion

Throughout history, animals have served as symbolic guides, helping humans navigate their internal landscapes and personal transformations. Among these creatures, the humble rabbit, with its quiet strength and natural vulnerability, offers valuable insights. This post explores the rabbit as a guide on the path of self-compassion.

Rabbits, gentle and sensitive creatures, hold a special place in the realm of symbolism as they encapsulate the virtues of compassion and self-compassion. Their endearing softness, inherent vulnerability, and understated resilience reflect the nourishing elements of maternity and the restorative essence of self-care. Esteemed psychologist Carl Jung recognized the rabbit or hare as a representation of the mother archetype, identifying them as generally helpful animals.

Rabbits, due to their impressive fecundity, often embody abundance, procreation, and rejuvenation. These attributes resonate with the concept of compassion as a force that enables healing and renewal, encompassing both oneself and others. By practicing self-compassion, we pave the way for personal renewal, echoing the rabbit’s springtime proliferation, symbolic of rebirth.

Christian theology presents an interesting dichotomy in interpreting the rabbit. Some texts label it as impure, primarily due to its associations with lust and fertility. Conversely, the rabbit also emerges as a symbol of salvation, often featuring in Christian art depicting Christ’s resurrection, reinforcing its ties with rebirth and renewal, principles that are integral to the notion of compassion.

Notably, rabbits display a natural vulnerability, frequently seeking refuge in burrows or foliage to avoid potential threats. This vulnerability mirrors our own human experience of grappling with challenges and confronting our fears. Similar to a rabbit’s safe burrow, compassion offers us a sanctuary, a gentle space where we can face our vulnerabilities without judgement, fear, or self-rebuke.

The featured image showcases a hare located at the world axis. This can be interpreted as symbolizing spiritual resurrection originating from the core of the world, emphasizing the transformative power of compassion and self-compassion. The rabbit, a powerful symbol of rebirth and regeneration, parallels the transformative potential of compassion, enabling continuous personal evolution, inner growth, and spiritual resurgence.


Carl Jung recognized the rabbit, or hare, as a “symbol of the mother… as are helpful animals in general.” (Carl Jung, 9i, para. 157)


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