The Sacred Union: Exploring the Symbolism of the Marriage of the Lamb


The Biblical narrative, with its depth and richness, provides us with some of the most potent symbols and archetypes known to humanity. One such symbol is found in the concluding chapters of the Bible – the marriage of the Lamb. This celestial union signifies a sacred bond between Christ and His bride, painting a vivid picture of spiritual fulfilment, divine unity, and a return to the primordial state of divinity, often referred to as ‘Christ Consciousness’.

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Compassion and Coniunctio: Integrating Dualistic Self-States

In our explorations of the human psyche and the path to self-realization, we come across various themes and symbols that capture the essence of this journey. One such symbol, borrowed from Carl Jung’s analytical psychology, is the coniunctio – a Latin term that stands for union or conjunction. It represents the fusion or synthesis of dualities, opposing entities within ourselves. But how does this concept apply to our modern understanding of self-states, and where does compassion fit into this framework?

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