Self-Compassion: the Vessel as Metaphor for Emotional Containment

Carl Jung, a father of archetypal psychology, provides compelling insights into the concept of the vessel as a symbol of containment and transformation. Drawing from alchemical traditions, Jung illuminates a powerful metaphor that resonates with our emotional and spiritual lives.

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Kama, the Cosmogonic Principle: Love as a Primordial Force

Cosmogony concerns itself with understanding the birth and formation of the universe, the genesis of all things. In the rich tapestry of Hindu mythology, there is an entity that represents love at a primordial level, as a cosmic force with profound cosmogonic significance. This entity is Kama, the god of love. Often depicted as Kamadev with his bow and arrow, he stands as the embodiment of the loving awareness and compassionate awakening that underpin the structure of the cosmos.

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